June 14, 2024
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5 Ways HYBE Allegedly Copied NewJeans, According to ADOR CEO

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5 Ways HYBE Allegedly Copied NewJeans According to ADOR CEO

HYBE Audit Sparks Controversy as ADOR CEO Claims NewJeans Was Copied

Amidst an audit by HYBE Corporation of ADOR, the label behind the girl group NewJeans, ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin has come forward with allegations of plagiarism and an attempted ousting by HYBE.

Min Hee-jin Strikes Back at Accusations

In a statement released on April 22, Min Hee-jin stated that, “The cultural achievements made by ADOR and our artist NewJeans are, ironically, being most severely infringed upon by HYBE.

She continued, “Today, HYBE abruptly notified me of their decision to suspend and dismiss me from my position, citing concerns that it could ‘significantly damage ADOR’s corporate value’ as their reason. Simultaneously, they attempted to manipulate the media by spreading baseless claims that I had ‘attempted a hostile takeover.‘”

NewJeans vs. ILLIT: A Case of Alleged Plagiarism

Min Hee-jin vehemently denied HYBE’s accusations, explaining that, “One of HYBE’s labels, BELIFT LAB, debuted a 5-member female idol group named ILLIT in March.” She went on to assert that, “ILLIT is copying NewJeans in every aspect of their entertainment activities, from hair and makeup to costumes, choreography, photos, videos, and event appearances.

Min Hee-jin emphasized that, “ADOR has never given permission or consent to anyone, including HYBE and BELIFT LAB, to copy NewJeans’ achievements.

ILLIT’s debut song “Magnetic” swept music charts and TV music programs, even reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, a first for a K-pop debut song. However, the group has also faced criticism for their song style, mysterious teenage concept, and similarities in certain scenes of their music video to those of NewJeans.

5 Ways HYBE Allegedly Copied NewJeans

  1. Concept: ILLILIVE’s mysterious teenage concept is similar to NewJeans’ concept.
  2. Song Style: The style of ILLILIVE’s debut song “Magnetic” is similar to NewJeans’ music.
  3. Visuals: ILLILIVE copies NewJeans’ look in various aspects including hair, makeup, costumes, choreography, photos, and videos.
  4. Music Video: Certain scenes in ILLILIVE’s music video are similar to scenes in NewJeans’ music video.
  5. Event Appearances: ILLILIVE copies NewJeans’ strategy for event appearances.

HYBE’s Involvement in the Alleged Plagiarism

Min Hee-jin further claimed that HYBE, not just BELIFT LAB, was involved in the alleged plagiarism. She stated that, “HYBE CEO Bang Si-hyuk produced ILLIT’s debut album,” adding that, “ILLIT’s copying of NewJeans is not the work of BELIFT LAB alone, but something that HYBE was involved in.

ADOR’s Attempts to Address the Issue

Min Hee-jin also revealed that she had raised the issue of these similarities with HYBE and BELIFT LAB. However, she stated that, “HYBE and BELIFT LAB were quick to make excuses instead of admitting their wrongdoing and have been dragging out the process by delaying concrete responses.

HYBE Launches an Audit Amidst Takeover Concerns

According to industry sources, HYBE launched an audit of Min Hee-jin and ADOR executive A on the same day. Believing that Min Hee-jin and her team were attempting to gain independence from the company, HYBE began collecting evidence. Audit team members reportedly visited ADOR executives’ offices to retrieve company IT assets and secure face-to-face statements. HYBE is said to suspect that A and others were attempting to seize control of the company and take independent action.

Company Structure and Potential Legal Action

ADOR, founded by Min Hee-jin in 2021, is a subsidiary of HYBE with an 80% stake. The remaining 20% is held by Min Hee-jin and other ADOR executives.

HYBE plans to analyze the IT assets acquired on the day and take legal action if necessary.

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