June 22, 2024
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Is ILLIT’s “Lucky Girl Syndrome” Choreography a Rip-Off of NewJeans’ Ad?

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Is ILLITs Lucky Girl Syndrome Choreography a Rip Off of NewJeans Ad

Move in ILLIT’s New Song Draws Flak for Similarity to NewJeans’ Choreography

ILLIT’s choreography for her follow-up song “Lucky Girl Syndrome” has come under fire for its resemblance to the choreography used in NewJeans’ McDonald’s advertisement last year.

ILLIT Releases “Lucky Girl Syndrome” with Disputed Choreography

ILLIT released “Lucky Girl Syndrome” on May 17th as the follow-up to her title track “Magnetic” from her first mini-album. The choreography for “Lucky Girl Syndrome” features a prominent move where ILLIT rubs her wrists together after extending her arms upwards and crossing them in a “Doctor Strange” pose.

Move Sparks Criticism for Resemblance to NewJeans’ McDonald’s Ad

However, the move has drawn criticism for its striking similarity to the choreography used in NewJeans’ McDonald’s advertisement, which was part of their “Chicken Dance Campaign” launched in June 2023. The choreography for the advertisement also features the same wrist-rubbing motion after crossing the arms.

ILLIT’s New Song Caught in Choreography Controversy: Plagiarism or Inspiration?

NewJeans’ Choreographers Express Frustration

The issue has been further amplified by statements from dancers who worked on NewJeans’ choreography. Kim Eun-joo, the performance director for NewJeans, wrote on social media on May 13th, “I’ve been holding back, but this can’t be a coincidence, right?” She added, “It could be similar, but usually when you reference something, you make some changes out of courtesy. But this is just pure copy-paste.”

BlackQ, another performance director for NewJeans, also chimed in, expressing frustration over the similarities. He stated, “Oh, I’ve been holding back with the thought that it couldn’t be true, but it’s even in the commercial choreography?” He added, “Someone’s hard work is being presented like this, and the process that led to it couldn’t have been easy.”

Both Kim Eun-joo and BlackQ are known for their work on NewJeans’ hit songs “Attention” and “Hype Boy”.

Concerns Arise Given Billage Records’ Plagiarism History

While it is true that using the wrists in choreography is not a unique concept, the choice by ILLIT’s choreography team has raised concerns given the ongoing plagiarism controversies surrounding her agency, BELIFT LAB Records. With multiple instances of plagiarism already under their belt, it is argued that ILLIT’s choreography team should have been more cautious, especially for a follow-up song. Repeated similarities are bound to raise eyebrows and accusations of plagiarism.

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