June 22, 2024
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HyunA Returns With “Attitude”: Bold Photoshoot & Evolution Promise

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HyunA Returns With Attitude Bold Photoshoot with WWD Korea
Hyuna Showcases Bold Confidence in WWD Korea Photoshoot Ahead of “Attitude” Comeback

HyunA to Release First Album in Two Years with At Area

Singer HyunA is continuing to exude confidence ahead of her comeback with her new album “Attitude.”

Photoshoot Showcases HyunA’s Bold Style

On April 20, HyunA posted several photos on her official social media account. The photos, which were shot for WWD Korea, show HyunA showcasing her provocative charm in a variety of outfits. Her tattoos are also on full display.

New Album “Attitude” Due May 2

HyunA will release her new album “Attitude” on May 2. This is her first album in two years since “Nabillera” in 2022 and her first album since joining At Area, a label led by production team GroovyRoom.

At Area Says Album Will Capture HyunA’s Evolution

“The album will capture the honest and confident attitude and versatile charm of artist HyunA,” her agency At Area said. “She will also show a new level of evolution in her vocals and a leap as an artist.”

HyunA Mentions Boyfriend Yong Jun-hyung During Web Variety Show Appearance

HyunA began dating singer Yong Jun-hyung publicly on January 18. Ahead of her comeback, HyunA mentioned her boyfriend Yong Jun-hyung on the web variety show “CJo Hyunah’s Thursday Night” on April 18, saying, “These days, I’m investing the most time in dance lessons. My album is coming out in the first week of May, and I’m already in my second week of dance lessons. I’m also spending time taking vocal lessons and going on dates in between recording.”

Hyuna Says She Doesn’t Care About People Staring When On Dates With Yong Jun-hyung

When Jo Hyunah asked, “Where do you go on dates? Don’t you have anywhere to go? People stare too much,” HyunA replied, “I don’t care.” HyunA, who revealed a couple photo she had set as her phone wallpaper, said, “I feel empowered when I see this. It’s so good,” and laughed.

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