May 19, 2024
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Fans of IU and BTS V Go Wild Over Behind-the-Scenes Photos for ‘Love Wins All’

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Behind the Scenes Photos for Love Wins All

IU and BTS V’s collaboration, “Love Wins All,” has been a huge hit among fans, and now, behind-the-scenes photos of the project have been released, further fueling the excitement.

The photos, released by Big Hit Entertainment on January 27th, show the two artists hard at work on the project, showcasing their chemistry and dedication to the music.

Fans have been eager to see more of IU and BTS V together, and these photos have only intensified their desire. Many fans have commented on how well the two stars look together and have expressed their hope for a follow-up project or even a full-length drama.

The behind-the-scenes photos have been a hit with fans, who are eager to see more from IU and BTS V. Here are a few of the comments from fans:

  • “I can’t get over ‘Love Wins All.’ It’s so good!”
  • “I hope they come up with a drama series like this. I would love to see them act together.”
  • “They look so good together. I can’t believe this is just a music video.”
  • “V needs to do more acting. He’s so good at it.”
  • “I want more IU and BTS V content! Please give us more!”
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