June 22, 2024
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Lee Sun Gyun Leaves Upcoming Drama Role Amidst Drug-Related Allegations

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Lee Sun Gyun Leaves Upcoming Drama Role Amidst Drug Related Allegations

On October 23, 2023, industry insiders reported that actor Lee Sun Gyun would be leaving his upcoming role in the drama “No Way Outamidst drug-related allegations against him.

The production team confirmed the news in a statement, saying that they had agreed to accept his decision to step down due to the unfortunate incident. Filming for the drama is still underway and will not be postponed.

Lee Sun Gyun was originally cast in the leading role of Baek Joong Sik, a police officer who protects citizens from a heinous criminal who has been released from prison.

The drug allegations against Lee Sun Gyun first surfaced on October 19, when it was reported that the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit was actively conducting an internal investigation against a top actor known as “L” and seven others on charges of violating the Drugs Control Act.

Lee Sun Gyun’s agency released a statement at the time saying that they were in the process of verifying the facts regarding the allegations and that they would be fully cooperating with the authorities.

Although he hasn’t been formally charged with any crime, Lee Sun Gyun’s choice to resign from “No Way Out” indicates his serious approach to the allegations and his dedication to cooperating with the investigation.

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