July 24, 2024
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Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards Honor Outstanding Artists (2023)

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Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards Honor Outstanding Artists 2023

The Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards! The event went down on October 21 at the Haeoreum Grand Theater, recognizing talented artists from diverse fields who’ve played a big role in shaping popular culture.

Jang Ye Won and Jang Dong Yoon rocked the stage as hosts, and we were treated to awesome performances by Monika and her dance crew PROWDMON, 10CM, Chuu, and MeloMance.

A whopping 31 artists and groups snagged awards! Six received the prestigious Order of Cultural Merit, seven got Presidential Commendations, eight were honored with Prime Minister’s Commendations, and 10 received Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s Commendations.

In a historic moment, pop singer Lee Mi Ja made headlines as the first pop musician to nab the Geumgwan Order of Cultural Merit, the highest honor in the category.

The winners’ circle also featured big names like actor Namgoong Min, actress Park Eun Bin, singer 10CM, the awesome band Stray Kids, and actor Im Siwan.

The awards night was all about celebrating the incredible creativity and talent of Korean artists, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the country’s lively popular culture scene

List of Winners

  • Geumgwan Order of Cultural Merit (1st Class)
    • Singer Lee Mi Ja
  • Eungwan Order of Cultural Merit (2nd Class)
    • Voice actor Lee Geun Wook
    • Actress Jung Hye Sun
  • Bogwan Order of Cultural Merit (3rd Class)
    • Singer Kim Soo Chul
    • Screenwriter Lee Hwan Kyung
    • Lyricist Yang In Ja
  • Presidential Commendation
    • Actor Hwang Jung Min
    • Entertainer Choi Yang Rak
    • Entertainer Shin Dong Yup
    • Director Yoo In Sik
    • Screenwriter Jung Seo Kyung
    • Musician Choi Yi Cheol
    • Band Crying Nut
  • Prime Minister’s Commendation
    • Actor Namgoong Min
    • Actress Park Eun Bin
    • Singer 10CM
    • Band Stray Kids
    • Entertainer Kim Tae Gyun
    • Voice actor Jang Gwang
    • Sound director Go Hyun Jung
    • Artistic director Kim Bo Ram
  • Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s Commendation
    • Actor Im Siwan
    • Actress Joo Hyun Young
    • Entertainer Hwang Je Sung
    • Band IVE
    • Band THE BOYZ
    • Band MeloMance
    • Singer Lee Chan Won
    • Dancer Monika
    • Musician 250
    • Band NewJeans
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