February 24, 2024
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Sword and Fairy 4: Tears and Goodbyes, But Was it a Happy Ending?

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Sword and Fairy 4 Tears and Goodbyes

Our beloved heroes, Han Lingsha, Yun Tianhe, Murong Ziying, and Liu Mengli, have embarked on their final journey. But was it a truly happy ending?

“Sword and Fairy 4,” leaving audiences both heartbroken and hopeful. Despite a rocky start, the drama captured hearts with its tale of four friends: Han Lingsha, Yun Tianhe, Murong Ziying, and Liu Mengli. But their 100-year pact ended with a heavy price, leaving questions and sparking tears.

Was it a happy ending? Not quite. Han Lingsha sacrificed her life force, her tombstone a stark reminder in the finale. Tianhe lost his sight and his love. Ziying remains alone, clinging to memories and unspoken affection.

Yet, the ending isn’t entirely bleak. The show offers a glimmer of hope, open to interpretation. The final scene shows Han Lingsha hand-in-hand with Tianhe, walking into the sunset. Did she truly return in the flesh after a hundred years, or is it a comforting vision? It’s up to you, the viewer, to decide.

Ju Jingyi, who played Han Lingsha, shared her mixed emotions. She felt sorry for her character’s short life but admired her passion and selflessness. “Giving your all to loved ones and living life fully, no matter how brief, is a life without regrets,” she said. “May Han Lingsha find peace and happiness, wherever she may be.”

So, while “Sword and Fairy 4” doesn’t offer a fairytale ending, it reminds us that sacrifice, love, and hope can leave a lasting mark, even in the face of loss. It challenges us to find our own interpretation, our own solace in the bittersweet beauty of the story.

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