February 25, 2024
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Rowoon Transforms into Cursed Lawyer in JTBC’s “Destined With You”

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JTBC’s upcoming fantasy romance drama “Destined With You” has released new stills of SF9’s Rowoon in character as Jang Shin Yu, a Talented Lawyer with a Curse.

In the stills, Rowoon perfectly embodies the duality of Jang Shin Yu, a talented lawyer with a deadly secret. In one still, he is seen in court, looking sharp and confident in his lawyer’s robes. His eyes are sharp and focused, and he exudes an aura of power and authority. In another still, he is seen at the city hall, looking lost and troubled. His eyes are tired and haunted, and once again observing someone with interest..

The stills perfectly capture the two sides of Jang Shin Yu: the brilliant lawyer and the cursed man. They also hint at the conflict that will drive the story of “Destined With You.” Jang Shin Yu is desperate to break the curse that has been passed down in his family for generations. He believes that the key to breaking the curse lies with Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah), a seemingly ordinary civil servant. However, Lee Hong Jo is not as ordinary as she seems. She is also hiding a secret, one that could change the course of Jang Shin Yu’s life forever.


Rowoon said about his role, “Jang Shin Yu is a character who has a lot of secrets. He’s a talented lawyer, but he’s also cursed. He’s always keeping people at a distance because he doesn’t want to get hurt. But when he meets Lee Hong Jo, he starts to let his guard down. I’m really excited to play this role because it’s a challenge. I want to show the duality of Jang Shin Yu, and I want to make him a character that people can relate to.

Rowoon said that, I was drawn to the character of Jang Shin Yu because of his unique psyche. I never played a character like Jang Shin Yu before, and I was excited to challenge himself. I liked the way Jang Shin Yu’s need to protect himself was the driving force of his character.

I was impressed by the script for “Destined With You” with relatable characters. I think the viewers would appreciate the way Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo mature together as they fill one another’s needs.

“Destined With You” is set to premiere on August 23 at 10:30 p.m. KST. I hope you enjoy the drama!

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