April 16, 2024

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Wu Ran (2024)

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Cast & Crew

Wu Ran is directed by Wen Hong Yi and stars Jerome Deng, Lin Jin Yi. The supporting cast includes Liu Run Ming (Yun Xi), Guo Jia Yu (Lan Xi), and Wei Yi Bo (Yun Cang Lan).

Wu Ran will be exclusively broadcast on Tencent Video starting on March 16th.

Plot Synopsis

Wu Ran tells the story of Han Lu, who travels back in time 300 years to save her sect. She unexpectedly meets the sickly Demon Lord Mu Ting, and the two fall in love and kill each other.

On the day of Han Lu‘s wedding, she is wiped out by the great demon Ling Fangzun. In order to save everyone, Chaolu travels back 300 years in time to try to kill the great demon lord in advance and change the tragedy. As soon as she enters the Another world, she accidentally breaks into the forbidden area and saves the imprisoned young lord Mu Ting. In order to repay her, Mu Ting helps Han Lu find Ling Fangzun, only to later discover that Ling Fangzun is Mu Ting.

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