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Close Friend Season 3: Soju Bomb! (2024)

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Close Friend Season 3: Soju Bomb! Plot Synopsis

Five Thai trainees dream of K-pop stardom: Best (Best Cholsawas Tiewwanichkul), the handsome and serious leader; Earth, the cunning charmer with a bright smile; Win, the quiet and captivating artist; Dang, the friendly yet arrogant young man; and Wu, the mischievous and optimistic youngest member.

After enduring rigorous training together, their dreams are shattered when they are abandoned by their record label in Seoul. Drowning their sorrows, they break every rule, getting drunk with a mysterious Korean woman named Yeri (Suyeon Ji) who introduces them to wild drinking games. The night ends with a blackout, waking up on a Busan beach with no memory and bizarre new hairstyles.

Their situation worsens when they discover their luggage and passports are missing, with only Earth’s phone remaining.  Clues to their wild night emerge from a crazy Instagram story on Earth’s phone and strange tattoos that appear on their bodies. Adding to the confusion is a mute old Korean woman (Ajumma) inexplicably handcuffed to Earth.

As if things couldn’t get any crazier, a mafia group starts chasing them. Ajumma whisks them away to a fisherman’s village in Busan, where they learn more about her and their predicament. A visit to a Korean medium reveals hidden secrets about each of them, but the reunion is short-lived as the mafia captures Earth and Ajumma.

The remaining trainees discover that Yeri is the daughter of a mafia boss and the missing link. To save their friends, they must find Yeri. Their search leads them to an abandoned amusement park, where Wu reconnects with Yeri and they find their luggage.

Yeri’s return secures Earth and Ajumma’s release, but a new obstacle arises: their passports are missing. As they gather clues, they wonder if the strange tattoos hold the key to finding their way back to Thailand.

Watch every Wednesday at 8:00 PM starting March 13, 2024 on ViuTV, to find out what happened that chaotic night in “Close Friend Season 3: Soju Bomb!”

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