February 25, 2024
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“Marry My Husband”: Friendship Fractured in New Photos! Park Min-young & Song Ha-yoon Face Off

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Marry My Husband Friendship Fractured in New Photos Park Min young Song Ha yoon Face Off

Park Min-young and Song Ha-yoon’s friendship comes to an end

In the tvN drama “Marry My Husband,” Park Min-young and Song Ha-yoon’s friendship comes to an end.

In the released photos, Park Min-young and Song Ha-yoon are seen meeting for the first time since the wedding. The atmosphere between the two is cold and sharp.

Previously, Park Min-young succeeded in getting Park Min-hwan and Song Ha-yoon married, changing the course of their destiny. However, Song Ha-yoon’s mental strength collapsed when she learned that Park Min-young was dating Yoo Ji-hyuk, the heir to the U&K conglomerate.

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In the upcoming episode, Song Ha-yoon will open Pandora’s box, making it impossible to repair her friendship with Park Min-young. The drama will explore how the relationship between the two women, which was already entangled, became so twisted.

“Marry My Husband” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 PM.

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