February 25, 2024
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FIFTY FIFTY Stands Their Ground, Refuses to Negotiate with ATTRAKT

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Barun, the law firm representing the K-pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY (Members are Saena, Keena, Aran, and Sio), recently submitted a statement to the Seoul Central District Court alleging that their agency ATTRAKT had violated the terms of their exclusive contracts. The statement, which was released in June 2023, claims that ATTRAKT had failed to provide adequate compensation to the members, forced them to participate in activities despite poor health, and disclosed a member’s health condition without her consent.

The latest development in the FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKTdispute is that the members have refused to negotiate with ATTRAKT following the first court date. The first court date was on August 9, 2023, and a mediation meeting was held. However, no agreement was reached. The court recommended a second mediation meeting by August 16, but the members have since made it known that there would be no second mediation meeting occurring.

The legal representation of FIFTY FIFTY has made it clear that the members are not willing to negotiate or settle with ATTRAKT. They are only willing to meet if ATTRAKT agrees to terminate their exclusive contract.

The legal opinion submitted by Barun Law Firm on August 16, 2023, explicitly stated that the FIFTY FIFTY members have no intention of returning to ATTRAKT. They will not meet to reach an agreement. Instead, they are willing to meet if Jun Hong Joon, the CEO of ATTRAKT, agrees to terminate their exclusive contract.

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