February 25, 2024
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Beware the Viral Bite: Fried Toothpicks Prompt South Korean Safety Alert

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Fried Toothpicks Prompt South Korean Safety Alert

People in South Korea are being told not to eat fried toothpicks that have been going viral on social media. The toothpicks, which are made of starch and look like curly fries, are not safe to eat because their ingredients and safety have not been verified. Even though food coloring is used to make the toothpicks green, they should not be eaten.

The toothpicks are often used in restaurants in South Korea to pick up finger foods. However, the food ministry is warning people not to eat them because they have not been approved for consumption.

There have been videos of people eating the fried toothpicks on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. One TikTok user said that the toothpicks are very crispy, but the food ministry is advising people to avoid them.

So, if you see someone eating fried toothpicks on social media, tell them not to eat them. They are not safe!

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