February 25, 2024
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Bella Ranee Plays Three Different Roles in “Love Destiny 2”

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Bella Ranee Plays Three Different Roles in Love Destiny 2

Thai actress Bella Ranee is juggling three different roles in the new period drama “Love Destiny 2.” She plays Ketsurang, Karaket, and Phuttan, three vastly different characters.

In an interview, Ranee expressed confidence in her ability to distinguish between the roles, but she admitted some concern about whether viewers would find her believable as a mother. She also mentioned a hidden meaning behind her character Phuttan’s mole.

Asked if she receives triple pay for playing three roles, Ranee replied with a knowing smile, adding that the feedback from viewers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Reporters also questioned Ranee about her recent commercial blitz, with over 10 ads airing during broadcasts of “Love Destiny 2” on Thai Channel 3. Ranee revealed that her mother has been keeping track of the commercials, and she also shared that she has two more endorsement deals lined up after the drama finishes airing. With over 30 brands under her belt, Ranee is one of the most sought-after presenters and ambassadors in Thailand.

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